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Artifice Press propels new thinking in architecture, urbanism and design.

We work with an international selection of independent studios, larger firms, scholars, and institutions within a start-to-finish collaborative module to produce high quality books that transcend disciplinary constraints to address 21st century architecture’s most topical concerns, including: urbanism and the landscape, environmental and ecological concerns, the arts and culture, as well as science, education, and technology.

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We’ve received the book today and everything looks amazing. Thank you to you and the entire team at Artifice for the help and follow through. We really appreciate this and we’re very happy the book is printed, and that it looks like we’ve envisioned it.

Silvia Kuhle, Standard Architecture, LA on Standard Architecture | Design

The books arrived in good shape and our office is now decorated with them on every bookshelf. Such a warm feeling to see that pale shade of salmon and know what it represents in terms of happy experiences – not least our collaboration with you. Thank you so much for your patience, your guidance, your sharp editorial eye and your good humor.

Al McKee, studio o+a, San Francisco on Food for Thought Truck

The book is amazing – I’m really pleased! And it was really good to see how excited you were too. I’m super happy with the way things went [and] the response has been overwhelming. Thank you for all your efforts, you’ve been amazing.

Guy Hollaway, Hollaway Studio on From Now On

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