About Us


SJH Group, a world-leading creative media group, delivers bespoke solutions for a global client base and has offices in London, Manchester, LA and New York City. Comprising five unique publishing companies, SJH Group embodies a diverse selection of industry-leading publishers with a wide range of expertise. From architecture to autobiographies, luxury lifestyle to global business, each company within the group shares a core ethos of professionalism.

Today’s high-end publishing companies frequently serve as strategic partners for organisations that understand the power of well-connected publishers to communicate key messages for awareness, education and diversity. To this end, our world-class strategists provide companies, governments and campaigning bodies with publishing, business and marketing expertise for entertaining, informing and engaging some of their most important audiences.

As a recognised global publisher with top-tier clients and relationships with major sales outlets, our publications provide our partners with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create a tangible product that tells their story, defines their DNA and clearly differentiates them in the marketplace.

In a media landscape that is saturated with digital, broadcast and disposable print formats, our books command the attention and respect from readers and provide a timeless resource for decades to come. Our publications – as well as their associated promotional activities – also provide our partner organisations with a unique opportunity to strategically engage with journalists, clients, business partners, professionals, academics and industry bodies.

Our books are consistently well received by their intended readerships, and several of our books have appeared in the Amazon Top 100 book chart.

On average, our publishing group prints more than 300,000 books each year. This places us on the UK’s top ten list for media distribution, and makes us one of the country’s most influential distributors of published content across a broad range of specialist subjects.

SJH Group